Beginner's Kit Phalaenopsis Assorted Colors
Beginner's Kit Phalaenopsis Assorted Colors
Beginner's Kit Phalaenopsis Assorted Colors
Beginner's Kit Phalaenopsis Assorted Colors
Seedling Size

Beginner's Kit Phalaenopsis Assorted Colors

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Orchid growing for beginners Tips, Ideas & Techniques

- For beginners Phalaenopsis orchid is easy to grow and care. It grows well in the tropics over the temperature of 20-45 degree Celsius. 

- seedling in 3 inch pot assorted colour which can bloom within 6-8 months of vegetavive growth period. 

Note : Extra 3 inch clay pot will be given with a packet of Orchid Potting Mix. after 7 days from the receipt of plants repot them in 3 inch clay pot with orchid potting mix provided.

- Orchid Care Spray Pack- Spray pack contains Orchid Food, Orchid Fumigation agent & Pets and Insects Repellent. Spray over the plant and media  as instruction written on the bottle.

Contents of combo:

* 1 Phalaenopsis Seedling
* 1 Terracotta Clay Pot (3 inch)
* 1 set Orchid Care Spray Pack 
* 1 nos 150g Orchid Potting Mix 

Type: Hybrid

Colour: Assorted

Fragrance: No

Plant Size: Seedling Size

Plant Stage: Seedling 

Pot Type: White Clear Pot

Pot Size: 3 inch

Potting Media: Organic Media

Growing Conditions: Tropical (Intermediate to warm)

Growing Level: Easy

Note: Plant will be delivered without flowers / spikes / buds

Water: Water them in the morning when the media is dry. Ensure there is moisture in the media and keep them from drying up.

Light: Ensure a good dose of indirect sunlight. Ideally the early morning light is advisable.

Temperature: Warm to cool growing plants with temperature between 21°C to 38°C suitable for growth.Humidity: Maintain humidity level of 60% - 80%. Regular watering in plants helps maintain the humidity and encourage growth. Good air circulation is a must.

Fertilizer: fertilizing twice a week for both vegetative growth and flower with very less strength.

Note: Never fertilize a plant that is completely dry, because this can cause major damage to the roots.

Potting: Anthurium should be repotted in a pot with coarse mix which can hold moisture and can maintain humidity. Media should be as such so that water drains out properly and provides proper aeration.

1. Open the box under the shade (cool area). 

2. Keep the plant for rest for at least 12 hrs. 

3. Clean the plant and wash them with fungicide solution and keep spraying the fungicides once in a week 

4. After 15 days you can start spraying fertilizer after every 10 days in growing season (summers) and after every 15 days in dormant season (winter)

5. Repotting is preferred to be done in growing season 

6. Keep checking the growth of new roots which indicates the plants have successfully settled in your location.

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