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Good Sized Healthy Seedlings+ Fast delivery
I recieved the orchid seedling in a very good size and the roots were pretty robust - also the packaging was neat.

Saikat Santra

Hi , I live in Pune , Maharashtra. I have been purchasing from ClickOrchids since last one year. My experience with them has been very satisfying so far. I have purchased high quality Vandas , Tolumnia, Dendrobiums and Cattleya from them. The delivery ,packaging and quality of plants has been top notch. I highly recommend this site for all your orchids and related supplies.

Rakesh Raskar

Healthy plant with abundant awesome roots. Plant size is good for the price. Impeccable service and packing. The parcel came intact without any dent
TYSM for the lovely plant. Looking forward for more such purchases.

Dr Sridevi C
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