Blooming Size BRS Eternal Wind Orchid with Delicate  yellow and green flowers.
Young BRS Eternal Wind Orchid Seedling with Healthy Leaves and Roots
Seedling Size

Brs. Eternal Wind

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Oncidiums, also known as Dancing Lady, are popular indoor orchids. They have large sprays of highly modified ruffled flowers with dozens of blooms. There are actually several hundred recognized Oncidium species, they are readily hybridized, so new varieties are regularly introduced.

The most common Oncidium orchids grow well under normal indoor conditions.They have large pseudobulbs (a bulbous thickened area of the stem) that come up from a mass of thin white roots. The large leaves can get up to 2 feet long and emerge from the pseudobulbs. They typically flower in autumn.

The dancing lady orchids are known to be tropical plants. Meaning that it could only best thrive and tolerate conditions where the temperature is on 15-30 C.These recommended temperatures are enough for the plant to survive and thrive well in the area where it was planted. Oncidium orchids are by nature epiphytic plants that dwell on tree bark rather than in soil, and they favour more sunlight than other orchid genera. Placing them in an east, west, or south-facing window lined with a sheer curtain provides an appropriate amount of light.

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