Cymbidium Aloifolium Heat-Tolerant Orchid - Lush live plant with resilience for thriving in warm climates
A blooming Cymbidium Aloifolium Heat-Tolerant orchid plant showcases its resilient beauty and vibrant flowers. The plant typically features multiple stems, each adorned with clusters of blooms. The flowers of the Cymbidium Aloifolium Heat-Tolerant orchid are known for their endurance in hot conditions, making them ideal for warm climates.
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Cymbidium Aloifolium HTC Local

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Heat Tolerant Cymbidium, abbreviated as HTC among orchid lovers. Growing HTCs in tropical climates is easy and low maintenance. The ease is comparable to growing dendrobium hybrids, which is usually the starting point for beginners. They don’t require any drastic drop in day & night temperatures.

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